Eyelash Extension

Training Courses

Improve your career in the beauty industry with the most desired eye enhancement service in the country!
Our main goal is to ensure the safe application of Eyelash Extensions!  
High quality service is key!
Get up to 250 clients with your FREE initial kit.  
Work from home and gain all the benefits.
Our two day CLASSIC course includes information on Healthy & Safety, Application Techniques, and Proper Foundations, with the added benefit of more time at no extra cost!
SoLash will never rush your education!  
All courses are accessible anytime! 
Classic Eyelash Extension Course - ONLINE
Volume Extension Course - ONLINE
In-Personal Classic Extension Course - TBA
In-Personal Volume Extension Course - TBA 

annual earning potential

AT $85 - $150 PER NEW CLIENT


$8,500 - $15,000

$17,000 - $30,000

$25,000 - $45,000

Classic Training Kit Includes:

Glue Rings
Eyelash Extension Glue

Eyelash Extension Primer

100% Organic Under Eye Pads
Curved Tweezer
Straight Tweezer
Mascara Wands
Micro Swabs
Flocked Applicators
Classic Lash Trays X4 ( J, B, C, D 

Mannequin Head

Classic ​Training Handbook
SoLash Academy Certification*

Classic Course

Solash Academy's Classic Course provides in-depth training on eyelash extension theory, safety, and application.  We are here to make you feel confident in your new business endeavour. 

Eyelash Extension Glue Safety

Sterilization of workspace and tools

Workspace Set-up

Natural lash growth cycle

Types of natural lashes

Product knowledge

Lash styling and mapping

Client Consultation

Sensitive Clients - Patch Test 

Isolation of natural lash

Eyelash Refills 

Removal of Extensions

Client Aftercare

Client Intake forms, Liability waivers, COVID Forms

Volume Course


Solash Academy's Volume Training Course is perfect for any lash tech trying to reach a greater audience.  We will teach you how to create a variety of volume fans, by hand.   

Learn Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume. 

Volume Client Consultation

Types of Volume Lashes


Lash styling and mapping

Product knowledge

Client Aftercare

Workspace Set-up

This course is designed for an experienced certified lash technician.  With this 1-Day course, you will feel confident in the creation of Volume and Mega Volume fans.  

Training videos and text will be available once registered. 

VOLUME Training Kit Includes:

Volume Tweezer
Volume Lash Trays X2 (C & D

Mannequin Head

​Volume Training Handbook
SoLash Academy Certification*

Frequently asked questions

How much are the Online Courses?

Classic Eyelash Extension Online Course is $500.00 Volume Eyealsh Extension Online Course is $500.00 subscribe to get deals on all services!*

How much are the In-Person Courses?

Classic Eyelash Extension Online Course is $800.00 Volume Eyealsh Extension Online Course is $700.00 subscribe to get deals on all services!*

Are In-Person Courses available?

Due to the Current Oandemic - COVID, SoLash will not be conductin in-person training untill further notice. Please reach out personally for any other questions. CONTACT NOW!

How many clients can I see in one day?

Each technician is different. However, as a beginner technician, the average technician will see 1 - 3 clients per day. Some senior technicians are able to 5 - 10 clients per day. This depends on the time it takes to complete the service. New technicians normally take 3 hours to complete a full set, with practice you are able to cut that time in half, to 1.5 hours.

How much money can I make in this field?

It is possible to make $100 000.00 in this industry! With correct marketing and high quality services, you are guarteed to be a success.

Is lashing hard?

Yes. We are not here to lie to you. It is tough. Steady hands is the main and only requirement. As it takes time to perfect anything in life, the main goal is to ensure you continue to practice and work hard. Gigi is a call away! All lash Techs trained by Solash Academy are guaranteed lifelong support.