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  • What are Eyelash Extensions?
    The process’ of isolating a single lash and applying an extension approx. 1mm away from the base of the isolated natural lash. Classic & Volume Extensions share similar techniques.
  • Is the procedure safe?
    Yes. The procedure is 100% safe, if provided to you by licensed Lash Technicians. Ingredients within the products must be carefully reviewed to ensure correct health regulations are met.
  • Does it hurt?
    The procedure is painless, however due to some products and skin types, this may cause some irritation. Please advise a physician regarding any skin irritations. Do not continue with procedure if client feels uneasy, irritated, or inflation forms.
  • How long does it take?
    Both the Classic & Volume Full Set procedures can take any where from 2 – 4 hours. Anything under an hour iis considered to be rushed, and allows for a higher possibility of error.
  • Do Extensions harm my natural Lashes?
    No. Not at all. If the procedure is completed by a certified Lash Technician, there will be no damage done to your natural lash.
  • What is a Refill?
    After 2 - 3 weeks into your full set, your lashes will not be as full due to natural loss. This is when we are able to reapply more lashes, for a lowered cost! 50% of lashes must still be in place. Removal of lashes is required.
  • The difference between Full Set & Refill?
    A refill requires one to have at least 50% of their lash extensions left
  • What are Volume Extensions?
    The process of isolating a single natural lash, and applying 2 - 10 individual lashes approx. 1mm away from the base of your natural lash.
  • When can I wear makeup?
    After the first 24 hours of your extension we advise to not get them wet. Once the 24 hours has passed, you are able to apply all the make up your heart desires. Must be oil free*
  • How much are the Online Courses?
    Classic Eyelash Extension Online Course is $350.00 Volume Eyelash Extension Online Course is $250.00 subscribe to get deals on all services!*
  • How much are the In-Person Courses?
    Master Eyelash Extension Course is $1200.00 Volume Eyealsh Extension Course is $550.00 Mega Volume Extension Course is $400.00 subscribe to get deals on all services!*
  • Is lashing hard?
    Yes. We are not here to lie to you. It is tough. Steady hands is the main and only requirement. As it takes time to perfect anything in life, the main goal is to ensure you continue to practice and work hard. Gigi is a call away! All lash Techs trained by Solash Academy are guaranteed lifelong support.
  • How many clients can I see in one day?
    Each technician is different. However, as a beginner technician, the average technician will see 1 - 3 clients per day. Some senior technicians are able to 5 - 10 clients per day. This depends on the time it takes to complete the service. New technicians normally take 3 hours to complete a full set, with practice you are able to cut that time in half, to 1.5 hours.
  • How much money can I make in this field?
    It is possible to make $100 000.00 in this industry! With correct marketing and high quality services, you are guarteed to be a success.
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