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Volume Lash Extensions?

What are Volume Lashes?

Volume lashes create a great voluminous "strip lash" look. Volume fans are compiled of numerous thin lashes creating a 'fan'. The eyelash extensions used for volume fans are thinner in comparison to the Classic Eyelash Extensions, which is the safest way for a thick and 'heavy' look with out damage.

The process of getting Volume Lashes takes about 2 hours, it may take up to three depending on how many lashes you have!

SOLASH ACADEMY takes pride in lashing every single healthy lash!

Volume Fans are great for clients that have missing lashes, or 'gaps'. Gaps can be caused from picking, pulling, or a health condition. Regardless of the reason, volume lashes, when places correctly, are able to fill those gaps, giving a unison look all throughout.

Typically Volume Eyelash Extensions last

4 - 6 weeks.

Clients normally get "refills" every

2 - 3 weeks to maintain the fullness.

Depending on your daily routine, lashes may last longer, or may fall quicker!

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