These Lint - Free Under Eye Pads are specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Packed with hydration from water, aloe vera extract, and Vitamin C, Hydrogel Eye Pads plump the skin with gentle ingredients, while protecting the lower lashes during your application.


  •  50 pairs in a pack
  •  Large surface area
  •  Specially formulated for sensitive skin
  •  Nourishes under-eye

Hydro Gel Under Eye Pads

SKU: 713289115883
    • Store in a dry and safe area to ensure packaging doesnt damage.
    • If packaging is broken do not use.
    • Keep away from children. 


    Peel backing off Hydrogel Eye Pad. With your client’s eyes open, place eye pad on top of lower lashes so that all lower lashes are covered, ensuring eye pad is not touching the lower waterline. Reposition as needed.

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