Glue Applicators aid in overall efficiacy. By having the glue readily available within your hands reach, the rings will assist in shortenting your time of placement.

Box of Glue Rings includes fifty (50) white plastic glue rings.

Lash Bridge has been designed specifically to hold eyelash extensions with a slight curve to aide in ease of selecting the lashes.
Box to include one (1) Lash Bridge.

Lash Bridge with Glue Ring is the ultimate applicator! By providing a place for your glue and lashes within a 2 inch radius.

This will aide in the quality of your glue as your timing of placement will drastically decrease.

Box to include one (1) Lashbridge with Glue Ring.

Glue Ring Applicators

C$5.50 Regular Price
C$5.23Sale Price
    • Store in a dry and safe area to ensure packaging doesnt damage.
    • If packaging is broken do not use.
    • Keep away from children. 

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